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national long distance access companies + carriers in Canada and USA.....24 Hour Direct Dial Long Distance Rates + toll free numbers are ON SALE NOW + available to business phones and residential phone lines in Thunder Bay Ontario Canada. (after 100 years of ....well, you know what)

We basically offer  Simple,  Low Cost , Anytime, Any Day direct dial long distance rates available from your phone in Thunder Bay or from anywhere in Canada to call anywhere, anytime to anywhere in all of Canada or the USA.
----------------------------------  is an information service
Our information service is free to you.

TELECOM OPTIONS  logoTelecomOPsmall.jpg (3507 bytes) INCcan provide you low anytime rates for DIRECT DIAL long distance service or a low cost Toll-Free line to your regular phone and possibly your Cell phone anywhere in Canada including yes even in Thunder Bay Ontario (Telecom Options Inc. is an all Canadian company able to provide small business long distance service in Thunder Bay + area + many other previously unaccessable areas in Canada 'thanks' to government deregulation)
Call me at 1-866-516-5532 (toll free) (ask for Kevin) for a no obligation quote for direct dial long distance service from your business location anywhere in Canada

(wouldn't a toll free number make a great present, don't you think? and a lot cheaper than calling collect) 

Telecom Options Inc
Canadian Long Distance Rates for  calls made
  - Direct Dial -
Rate Per
Minimum Call
30 seconds
then billed
in 6 second increments
Time Restrictions
Long Distance Calls to Canada $ .05 /min   $ .025   $.0041 Call Anytime
Long Distance Calls to USA $ .05 /min.   $ .025   $.0041 Anytime 
Simple 800
Toll Free Number Calls IN
$ .05 /min.   $ .025   $.0041 Anytime
Calling Card rate   $ .25 /min    $ .125   $.025 Anytime
Europe + Overseas rate varies by country    
Setup Fee    NONE                 
Contract    NONE       
Access Fee 
transfer your existing
Toll Free #
 NO  Cost       

Telecom Options Inc - Canadian Long Distance Rates are Subject to Change but the rates have only gone down as long as I've been a customer

Small Business Long Distance 5 cents  ($Cdn) per minute - Anytime Direct dial Long Distance or Toll Free rate (to all USA + all Canada) (minimum call is now only $.025 for 30 seconds then billed  in 6 second  increments)
Residential  6 cents ($Cdn) per minute - Direct Dial Long Distance or Toll Free rate (to all USA + all Canada)

with NO Monthly Plan fees or minimums, signup or transfer fees. (Thunder Bay ON customers)

SAVETHUNDER has negotiated lower rates on behalf of any Existing or New Customers in Thunder Bay who sign up with Telecom Options Inc. (memo - used to be rates were over 15 cents a minute and a lot more to USA)

5 cents (Cdn) per minute DIRECT DIAL RATES APPLY  for Thunder Bay Ontario Small Businesses to
- Call ANYTIME 24 hours a day
- Call 7 DAYS a WEEK all year round
from your phone to anywhere
- minimum call is 30 seconds then billed in 6 second increments

Other Features of this Independent Direct Dial Service available in Thunder Bay since Nov 2000:

Detailed, itemized list for all your long distance calls outbound or toll-free calls inbound
we Feature
- NO other FEES for Setup, Transfers or Cancellation
NO monthly PLAN FEES
NO Minimum monthly charge.
Direct Dial - NO secret number to dial before the number you are dialing for land based lines.
- If rate goes lower, you'll receive the lower rate automatically, no need to call us to CHANGE any PLAN -
we only have ONE or TWO basic PLANS

RESIDENTIAL Long Distance Calling Direct Dial Rates are
6 cents per minute (for Thunder bay residential customers to call anytime, any day, anywhere in Canada or USA from your home phone.)
- minimum call is $.03 for 30 seconds then billed  in 6 second  increments (plus sales taxes)

SIMPLE 800 Service
- 5 cents per  minute for Toll-Free numbers (Businesses) 
- 5 cents per minute for Residential toll-free numbers (+ no Plan or setup fees)
NO OTHER FEES for  transfer, setup, or cancellation
NO monthly plan fees or minimum usage charges.
- Your toll-free calls will forward  to and  ring on whatever basic phone line you choose, even a to a cell phone.
You do not need a new basic phone access line
- You can MOVE + Keep your present toll-free number if you already have an 800, 888, 877, 866, 855 
- or Setup of a new toll-free number to forward to any Canadian phone number for business or residential. 
- You can limit your Toll Free service to your general area code or extend calls to any part of Canada and or USA for the same low calling rates as listed above. 

The Choice is all yours.

SIMPLE Billing - You will receive one itemized bill monthly from Telecom Options Inc. Winnipeg MB. for long distance calls made from only the phone numbers you transfer to this long distance plan and toll free plan. - please allow up to a couple weeks for this plan to take effect (easiest transfers are for customers with no billing arrears payable) 

Ontario customers are also required to pay GSTax and Ontario RSTax in addition to above posted  rates as you would with any other phone company.

If you are in Canada but outside of Thunder Bay, Ontario, we can provide you with similar rates for long distance service. just call me 1-866-516-5532 - ask for Kevin .... 

WHO IS  TELECOM OPTIONS INC ? logoTelecomOPsmall.jpg (3507 bytes)

and how can they possibly provide you a better priced long distance or toll free service?    
- an all Canadian company based in Winnipeg MB.
- they are allowed to buy Long Distance time in bulk from several carriers and re-sell this time at whatever rates in whatever area of Canada to whomever they accept as a customer

BUT thanks to long distance rates de-regulation
- they can re-sell time at lower rates to most customers -
- they can decide to simplify the billing process
 Also thanks to de-regulation you can now change your long distance provider (carrier)
- you, the customer can transfer from one company to another fairly easily
- you the customer chooses the long distance rates and  features offered compared to your individual needs.
- you can choose a combination of options that may suit your needs the best -

Our Mission  is here to save Canadians money on long distance calling needs to anywhere.  


+ US Calling Cards and USA Customer Long Distance plans now Available

ComFi Phone Cards  

Call Greece & Western Europe for Only 3.9/minute  not sure if all these 'NEW' services linked above here work in Thunder Bay area yet , but probably will work most anywhere else in Canada or USA

Contact Information

SIGN UP ONLINE HERE NOW  (by e-mail)  logoTelecomOPsmall.jpg (3507 bytes) for Canadian small Business or Residential Long Distance Savings at rates posted in table above (for existing or NEW customers anywhere in Canada) with Telecom Options Inc.  best part is:  if rates ever go lower you will automatically get that rate, there's nothing else to do
    - use our  ONLINE SIGNUP  FORM  to send us by fax (should be printable) or submit by e-mail
    - or call me anytime  1 866 516 5532  to sign up for long distance by phone or we can mail or fax you more information or a sign-up form
* Please allow 5-10 days for the transfer of your long distance account to any new carrier, 
you will be advised if and when your new long distance or toll free service is activated by Telecom Options Inc

Call me Toll Free  -  1 866 516 5532  (ask for Kevin)  open 10-5  Mon-Sat 
- o
r use my  ONLINE SIGNUP  FORM  for long distance service anywhere in Canada
- or call 
Telecom Options Inc.  directly (toll free)  1 866 233 6100  ex 207

Postal address - PO Box 28002  Thunder Bay ON   P7E 6R5
E- Mail
Rates + General Information:
Customer Support:   Kevin

HEY, checkout these other few hundred great small local businesses all based in Thunder Bay Ontario - none of whom have paid me anything to be listed here (this very local small business + local culture promotional website and restaurant guide is supported almost entirely by small commissions received from relatively inexpensive but established long distance carriers in Canada and some from the USA - their support of long distance competition in the local telephone marketplace has helped to lower long distance rates far below what they ever were before under the prior regime)

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